Cartridge return policy (updated 12/6/18)

Vape cartridges may be exchanged in the event of a manufacturing defect. Cartridges must be returned with original receipt and in original packaging.

We will exchange a cartridge if:

  • Purchased from OZ.

  • Original packaging and original receipt are presented with the cartridge

  • Exchange is within 60 days of original receipt date

  • Cartridge has not been refilled

  • Cartridge has not been used on a higher voltage battery than recommended

Our budtenders will verify the fault before making an exchange. Please also bring the battery used when making an exchange so it can be tested as well.

For best vaping results:

  • Use a battery designed specifically for vape cartridges and is not at a higher than recommended voltage. Most cartridges cannot handle more than 3.8 volts. (C-cell cartridges can handle higher voltage on properly designed batteries.)

  • Do not over tighten cartridge on the battery. A cartridge screwed on too tightly will cover the air holes needed to vape properly resulting in no vapor.

  • Inhale lightly so as to avoid clogging.

  • On a button based battery, if the button does not glow when pressed, check that the battery is not in “travel mode” by quickly clicking the button five times to ensure that the battery is active.

  • Keep cartridge at room temperature and out of direct sunlight when not in use. Fluctuation in temperature can cause a cartridge to leak.

  • Store cartridge thread end down whenever possible. If traveling to or through higher elevations, store mouthpiece down to reduce effects of pressure changes.

  • Periodically clean battery and cartridge contact points with 90%+ rubbing alcohol for optimum contact and vapor production.

  • Charge battery for no more than two hours. Leaving the battery on the charger overnight will shorten battery life.

Troubleshooting common cartridge issues:

Button based battery is not glowing when button is pressed.

Solution: Confirm that battery is on. click button five times quickly so button illuminates when pressed and retry.

Battery is not working because battery charge is low.

Solution: Charge battery for no more than 2 hours and retry.

Cartridge is not working because it is screwed on too tightly.

Solution: Loosen cartridge so it is just snug and retry.