July 4th SPECIALS (while supplies last)

Edible Sale

JOurneyman Cookies / Single 10mg Cookie was $5 SALE $3

A delicious crunchy cookie in peanut butter and cinnamon snickerdoodle. 10mg per cookie.

Dab Sale

Perecan Farm : Cannalope Kush Wax 1g / was $25 SALE $19

This hybrid is the child of OG #18 and Cannalope Haze. Happy, energetic, and euphoric effects, without anxiety. Sweet tropical and citrus flavors. CO2 extraction. 68.4% THC.

Smokey Point: Purple Hindu Kush Wax 1g / was $21 SALE $19

This 100% indica cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani kicks off with an uplifting and euphoric head high. This is followed by a warming body high that gives way to deep relaxation. Earthy grape and red wine flavors. 66.1% THC.

Sale items available while supplies last. Prices include all tax (37% cannabis tax and 10.1% sales tax).