4/20 Specials!

4/20 Sale continues... 

Gear sale

PAX 3 Complete : Normally $279 now $199

A premium flower and concentrate vaporizer with intelligent dynamic heating, powerful battery, and customizable through Bluetooth PAX Vapor App. 10 year warranty. Four colors available. One per person, please.

OZ. Grinder : Normally $15 now $5

A 2.2" metal two piece grinder perfect for prepping bud for vaping.


Cartridges: Interra Sale

Purple Champagne :  0.5g C-cell cartridge / was $32 now $28

A sativa dominant cross of Granddaddy Purple and Pink Champagne which starts happy, focused and inspired. Relaxation follows, but coupled with an energetic kick it’s still a get-up and go high. Sweet berry and pine flavors. CO2 extraction, no additives. 82.4% THC.

Afghan Blueberry : 0.5g C-cell cartridge / was $32 now $28, 1g C-cell cartridge / was $56 now $44

A heavy indica leaning hybrid which delivers a happy, euphoric and floaty deep body relaxation. The effects can include sleepiness. Sweet, berry and earthy flavors. CO2 extraction, no additives. 85.6% THC.



Dabs: Torch Waxx Sale

Purple Jack Wax : 1g / was $31 now $24

This sativa dominant cross of Jack Herer and Purple Kush has two distinct phases of effects. Cerebral energy and a full-body calm kick off the experience which then  settles into a mentally stony and heavy body feeling. Herbal, hashy and citrus flavors. 67.0% THC. 9.6% terpenes.

CSK Wax : 1g / was $31 now $24

This indica hybrid cross of Afghani and Skunk (AKA Critical Skunk) is known for its happy, creative, relaxed, and arousing effects. It is also known to produce giggles that can stop conversation. Spicy and diesel flavors. 65.6% THC. 10.3% terpenes.

Ivan Wax : 1g / was $31 now $24

This indica dominant hybrid of unknown parentage is physically relaxing, euphoric and stoney. Earthy pungent flavors. 65.9% THC. 4.7% terpenes.




Sale items available while supplies last. Prices include all tax (37% cannabis tax and 10.1% sales tax).